For Kids

Turning Children and Teens into Confident Adults

Starting your child at our Taekwondo School and with our special kids taekwondo classes, is so much more than just starting them in another sport, you are helping them to develop the focus, confidence and discipline they’ll need to face life’s challenges, whether that be as kids at school, or later in life as adults. When parents first think about kids martial arts or self defence, they often first think about the kicking and punching, and whilst self defence and bully defence are great skills, the thing that kids can use and benefit from every single day, are confidence, self-discipline and focus – think about it, a child who has the confidence to put their hand up in school (or to say no to peer pressure), the focus to stay concentrated on the task at hand, and the discipline to say no when classmates are distracting or they’d rather play than do their homework, is going to do a little bit better, every single day.

Kids taekwondo for every age and level

Our Taekwondo school has a special system just for kids, with classes that are divided by age and experience level, starting from 3 years old, with special classes for beginners. For those children with previous experience in Taekwondo, Karate, or another martial art, we offer intermediate and advanced classes, as well as speciality classes like technical, sparring, and weapons classes. Our Taekwondo masters are highly experienced, are specially trained to teach children, led by Brisbane’s only 9th Dan Grandmaster, and are great at fun, interesting and motivation kids classes.

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