Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing classes, Action-packed fitness

BTC has classes for everyone, from beginner to advanced, in fighting martial arts styles with all the exciting features – and fast results – as kickboxing.

Our beginner mixed martial arts, or MMA, and Taekwondo classes require no experience. From your first session, you will enjoy all the action-packed moves of kickboxing. Each of these popular martial arts styles start toning the body using fast kicking and punching moves that also require a powerful mental focus.

Who trains at btc

BTC members and martial arts students are people just like you, who want to get fit on their feet in a fun and motivated group. No prior martial arts training or flexibility is necessary to begin kicking and punching your way to cardio fitness – fast.

BTC students and members are accountants, secretaries, plumbers, students, mums, managers, doctors, builders, sales consultants and more. Anyone can get fit and learn kickboxing-style self defence from Taekwondo and MMA.

Why get fit at BTC?

Classes for Everyone: You need no prior experience or fitness level to learn any martial art as a beginner student at BTC.
Expert Trainers: At BTC you learn from passionate and qualified martial arts trainers. Our instructors are experienced Black Belts, competitors, tournament judges and referees who bring a world perspective and global experience to your training.
Matted, air-conditioned facilities: The BTC studios are purpose-built for martial arts with fully-matted floors for your safety. Overall, we teach eight combat disciplines in air-conditioned comfort. Our rooms are not multi-purpose halls shared by other users; they are permanently set up and ready to go. There’s always enough space and equipment for every student. Training equipment for kickboxing-style martial arts classes includes 20 hanging bags, 40 kick shields and 80 focus mitts, so there’s no sharing or waiting for your turn.
Onsite Gym: BTC members can boost their fitness at our fully-equipped onsite gym. Here you can exercise in a friendly and familiar environment with other students. Take a workout before or after your class, or visit the gym any time between sessions to cross-train, for even faster results.
90 Weekly Classes: Our seven-day timetable of 90 weekly martial arts classes in total means you’ll find a convenient training time to suit your busy schedule. It’s easy to fit in a make-up class so your training won’t be affected if you need to miss a lesson. So come and try one of our classes today!

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