Self Defence Classes for Kids

Self Defence Classes for Kids – Fitness, Focus, Self Defence

Self defence classes for kids are a great way to help your child learn not only self-defence and bully defence skills, but to also build confidence, improve focus, all while increasing fitness, flexibility and coordination.

We offer self defence classes for kids from as young as 3 years old through to teens, with classes being split by age group and experience level.  We also have a special introductory program for beginners to help every child have fun getting started in self-defence and martial arts.

Our kids self defence and martial arts classes are taught in Brisbane largest self-defence and martial arts centre, with four fully matted and air-conditioned training halls, and enough pads, focus mitts, and kick shields, for everyone.

Martial Arts Brisbane’s self defence classes for kids are lead by 9th Dan Grandmaster Chris, Brisbane (and Qld’s) only 9th Dan Grandmaster.  Of course all of our Masters and Instructors have their Working with Children Blue Cards as well as being experienced black belts.

Self Defence Classes for Kids – too young?

People of all ages can learn a martial art no matter how young (starting from just 3yrs old) or old they are. In a kids martial arts session your child learns self defence skills while having lots of fun!

We’re a self defence centre that believes in empowering kids so that they can stand up for themselves and not become victims of bullying. Learning a martial art builds both the mind and body.

What other benefits will your child get by attending classes in self defence for kids?

  • Learn many self-defence skills
  • Have better concentration abilities at school
  • Be more confident (No challenge is too big!)
  • Develop better flexibility
  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Improve more self-esteem
  • And make lots of new friends!

So come and try a class today!

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