Kids Classes
In Brisbane

Children these days have a much more gadget filled life than we probably did at their age. Children sitting hunched over a videogame or listening to the latest music on their phones is a common sight. If you too are a parent who feels that it’s time your child made better use of their free time, then we have the answer. BTC offers a number of classes in children’s martial arts which promise to be fun and challenging, while learning good habits for a lifetime.

Why BTC?

Did you know that BTC is the largest training centre in Brisbane with a number of extra facilities to offer its members?

Besides our children’s self defence and martial arts classes, we also have classes in Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Pilates. Keen to know more about our children’s martial arts classes? Simply fill out the form and we’ll arrange an introductory class for you. Let your child discover their inner focus & confidence today!

Our Children’s Martial Arts Classes Pack a Punch!

At BTC, we understand that each child learns at a pace that is different and unique. That’s why our children’s martial arts classes are held separately for beginners and for kids with prior experience. So no worries about your child:

– Struggling to follow the instructions.

– Or feeling left behind!

With our children’s martial arts classes, your child will experience a number of benefits such as –

  • Develop more self-confidence (a winner for life!)
  • Develop better self-esteem.
  • Learn a number of self-defence skills
  • Develop better body coordination and flexibility.
  • Have a more alert mind (better grades of course!)
  • Develop better concentration at school.
  • Learn how to respect elders (fewer tantrums!)
  • Learn how to listen to instructions.

These classes are a great way to help your child blossom into a confident and focussed child who is eager to learn!