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Survival Jiu Jitsu – The latest in Self-Defence

Jiu Jitsu Brisbane, Survival Style, but what is it?  Considered as one of the world’s leading modern martial arts, Survival Jiu Jitsu is a practical approach to your personal protection and safety which originated as a martial art for Israel’s special forces units.

Sometimes referred to as “bewareness” – or a way to stay alive using self-defence – Survival Jiu Jitsu or Street MMA has evolved since the sixties by cleverly combining Judo, Karate, military self defence systems, BJJ and Kapap, with a total focus on survival, street realistic techniques, and disregarding anything for sport or that simple doesn’t work in the real world.

Survival Jiu Jitsu teaches one of the most powerful and effective self-defence systems there is, covering punching, striking, kicking, wrestling, clinch work, and groundwork, which is why it’s currently being taught to elite military personnel worldwide. You’ll also learn self defence against multiple attackers, much larger attackers, extremely aggressive attackers, knives, guns, and much more.

Brisbane’s Most Senior Street Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Our Survival Jiu Jitsu classes are taught by Brisbane and Australia’s most experience and Senior Instructor, Dr Gavriel Schneider, who holds a 7th Dan Black Belt and a PhD in Security Risk Management. Recognised by the Israeli Museum of Martial Arts History and former Presidential bodyguard, Master Gav is the most qualified person in Australasia to teach you how self defence using combative skills like striking, wrestling, clinch work, groundwork, and weapon manipulation, against knives, guns, and other weapons, much larger attackers, extremely aggressive people, multiple attackers.

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