Private Lessons

One-on-one private pilates classes for more effective results

These days, we work hard and we play hard but how often do we get a chance to care for our bodies as we should? Rarely. The consequences? Backaches, sore necks and many other unpleasant ailments that result from our rather sedentary lifestyles. Pilates, a popular physical fitness system designed to aid injured soldiers in regaining their health in the early 20th Century, can help us achieve a perfect working body from the inside out.

With Pilates we can tone, strengthen, increase flexibility, and recover from past injuries. However, as with any type of physical exercise, to get the most out of Pilates, it is essential to perform it correctly. Pilates is composed of over 500 controlled and highly technical exercises – getting them right is not always easy. Private Pilates classes at BTC are the answer to help you master these exercises and achieve the best possible results.

the best technique for the best results

Our friendly and highly qualified Pilates instructors will customise a program specifically designed to match your individual needs, taking into account your level of fitness, prior exercise experience, any injuries, and your own personal goals.

A one-on-one Pilates experience with our instructors will help you learn the correct technique right from the start. Not only will you be learning in a safe environment, supervised by a qualified instructor, you will also be getting the maximum possible benefit from the time you invest on learning Pilates.

In order to achieve correct alignment, centring, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement, (the Pilates principles), your personal Pilates instructor will teach you a range of techniques that will help you:

  • Achieve a stronger body from within,
  • Improve body posture and balance
  • Enhance your levels of stamina,
  • Improve your overall figure,
  • De-stress,
  • Recover from specific injuries,
  • Work on your specific goals
  • So try one of our private classes today!