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BTC’s Streetsmart Kids Workshops are taught regularly throughout the year and teach:

  • How to recognise potential threats
  • Street safe strategies
  • Home safe strategies
  • School safe strategies
  • Prevention & awareness
  • The “street smart” ABC’s
  • Simple & effective self-defence techniques

Part of developing Streetsmart Kids, is to also make sure that we’re not giving the children mixed messages, and that you as a parent are reinforcing safe behaviours with them

As part of our workshops:

  • The 16 common lures used by predators
  • Recognising the signs of distress
  • How to nurture a “street smart” attitude
  • Prevention & awareness
  • Common mistakes kids make which put them at risk
  • Techniques to practice with your kids

BTC’s Streetsmart Kids Workshops are offered at our full time martial arts studios which are purpose built matted and air conditioned facilities.

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