Krav Maga

Krav Maga Brisbane is ready with the just the right class for you, whether you’re just starting with Krav Maga and self-defence, or looking to take your self-defence training to the next level.

If you’ve never done Krav Maga or self defence classes, but would like to get confident knowing you can defend yourself, our beginners Krav Maga classes are the perfect place to start, and where you’ll find other people who are just getting started, just like you.

Done martial arts before, a pro at Krav Maga, or work in security, police, or the military?  Our advanced Krav Maga classes are the right place for you. Whether you are an experienced martial artist looking to try a different martial art or whether you are a current Krav Maga practitioner who needs to take your training to a new level, Krav Maga Brisbane and BTC can help.

Our highly experienced instructors led by Master Gav Schneider take practical street training and fuse it with traditional Krav Maga, and our special style of Krav called Gendai Krav Maga or Survival Jiu Jitsu, the same style taught to Special Forces and Police Units around the world by Master Gav. Ultimately, you’ll learn one of the most powerful and effective self defence systems around.

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Krav Maga Street MMA - Brisbane Martial Arts Academy

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