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Great instructors

As you can imagine, a key part to your learning experience in any activity is the trainers. BTC has many of the most senior martial arts instructors not just in Queensland, but in Australia, including Grandmaster Chris Blight 8th Dan, Taekwondo Queensland President, Master Gavriel Schneider 7th Dan Survival MMA and Jujitsu, Master Adam Wilson 6th Dan Taekwondo and 3rd Dan Hapkido… and many more. One of the really great things about our teaching team, is that all our Instructors, including the Masters, are easy going and friendly, and really want to share their passion for martial arts with students, inspiring them to bring out each person’s best. Whether you’re 3 or 43, an absolute unfit beginner, or an experienced martial artist, we’ve got you covered.

The largest queensland martial arts facility

BTC is also fortunate to have four fully matted and air conditioned training studios, as well as a gym for members and parents. Our martial arts classes are offered during the day, in the afternoon, evenings, and on the weekend, so there’s bound to be a time to suit you and your family.

Try a class yourself

So out of all the martial arts in Queensland, Brisbane or even the world, which one’s right for you? Different martial arts tend to suit different personalities, which is why we offer a number of martial arts, so there’s something which is the right fit for everyone. Some people seek fitness, self-defence, flexibility, focus, confidence… perhaps the easiest way to find out is to give us a call, tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for, and we can recommend a class to suit. You can reach us on P 3177 4550. Come and try a class today.

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