Self Defence Lessons

Why take self defence lessons?

In this unpredictable world, it’s become even more important to learn how to defend yourself so that you can avert the worst from happening. Petty crime rates are on the rise and usually happen when least expected, so imagine how good it would feel if you could stand your ground and show an assailant you’re not afraid. The confidence that comes from feeling fit, healthy and knowing you can defend yourself is invaluable.

BTC’s self defence lessons incorporate the best techniques from different martial arts which are simple to learn and yet highly effective when used. These self defence lessons also give you a thorough workout and amp up your fitness quotient as well. You’ll also be taught how to listen to your instincts, how to read the signs of an attack before it happens, how to read body language and how to stay calm through it all.

With our Self Defence Lessons you’ll:

  • Get fitter
  • Become more flexible
  • Become more confident
  • Learn how to stay calm
  • Develop more self-control
  • Learn different techniques
  • And make new friends!!
  • So come try out one of our classes today!

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