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Have you ever watched a martial art movie and secretly wished you could do some real martial arts training? Or do you feel that the moves you see onscreen are just too hard to learn in real life? We’re here to tell you that anybody can learn a martial art irrespective of age, experience and gender.

At BTC, we believe that all you need is the right guidance to make your martial arts training a valuable experience and of course, have lots of fun learning too!

Martial arts training is a fun and exciting way to get fit, learn a skill that may one day save your life, and much more. BTC is Queensland’s largest martial arts training centre with four separate fully matted training halls, gym, dedicated waiting area, and a diverse equipment shop.

If you’re looking for martial arts training to learn self defence, improve your fitness, flexibility, balance or coordination we’re sure to have a class to suit, in fact we offer over 90 classes every week.

You’ll have a blast in our martial arts classes

All our martial arts training classes are held for both adults and children. BTC also has an Introductory Program for all newcomers, so that they get a firsthand experience of a martial arts training class. Worried that you may have to skip a class or two now and then? We offer many martial arts training classes in a day, so you won’t have any difficulty choosing one that suits your busy lifestyle. Plus:

  • You’ll train with the best martial arts instructors.
  • Our teachers are trained in various martial arts.
  • You’ll feel fitter within just a few sessions.
  • You’ll learn life saving self-defence skills.
  • You’ll have more confidence and self-discipline.
  • You’ll also have increased energy & focus.

In short, your body and mind get a thorough workout. Doesn’t that sound like fun? So come try one of our classes today!

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