Kids Sports

Kids Sports in Brisbane, why learn a martial art?

Learning a martial art gives a child a certain sense of security and confidence to tackle everyday challenges. We have a team of fantastic instructors who have immense training experience in a number of martial arts such as Hapkido and Taekwondo. Our martial arts training programs for kids focus on-

  • Making them fit.
  • Making their bodies more flexible.
  • Teaching them values like self-discipline & respect.
  • Enhancing their concentration abilities.
  • Increasing their stamina.
  • Enhancing their self-esteem.
  • Teaching them valuable self-defence skills.
  • We believe that learning is made possible in an environment that’s fun and which encourages children to be themselves. The good habits and values that are learnt during childhood stay with us for life and our lessons help to inculcate values such as patience, respect, humility and self-control in our students.

    Why BTC?

    BTC is the one of best known kids sports centre’s in Brisbane with world class facilities to help your child learn a martial art the right way. We are a foremost authority on the importance of self-defence and we ensure that in each class, students get to learn life-saving techniques that can be applied in real life as well. Rest assured that your child will be enrolled in a class that’s perfect for him in terms of age and prior martial arts experience.
    Don’t wait any longer to enrol your child in one of our martial arts classes for kids. Call us today!