Taekwondo In Brisbane

Taekwondo – much more than just fitness or another sport, it’s a skill that could save your life one day, and make it better, every day.

Our self defence and Taekwondo school is a great way to get in shape without spending endless hours (boring) at the gym. Self defence is a little like insurance, we all know that we should have it, but you really hope you’ll never need it! While that’s true, the modern form of Tae Kwon Do that our school teaches, isn’t just good for learning practical self-defence skills, it’s great for improving fitness, flexibility, agility and coordination, things that make everyday life a little bit easier. Perhaps even more importantly, our Taekwondo classes also help to improve focus, discipline and confidence, and let’s face it, most of us could benefit from a little more discipline (eg making healthy eating choices), focus (putting down the phone and concentrating on work or homework), or confidence, to step up or step out and try something new.

We have been teaching Taekwondo classes in Brisbane for thirty years, and are Brisbane’s longest established full time Taekwondo, self defence, and martial arts school, with over 100 classes each week in our air conditioned and safety matted school for everyone from children to adults, beginner to advanced, so come and see for yourself why we’ve been so popular for so long with so many Brisbane families.

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