Self Defence Classes

Why join a self defence class

Anybody can join a self-defence class and benefit from it. BTC’s self-defence classes incorporate well-known techniques that are adapted from various martial arts. In short, these moves are:

  • Really simple to learn.
  • Very effective.
  • The art of self-defence is not only about employing the right techniques at the right time. It’s also about listening to your instincts and staying alert to your surroundings. In our self defence classes you will be taught to-

  • Use everyday objects as weapons.
  • Stay ready for the next move.
  • Gain an upper hand.
  • Handle an assailant quickly & efficiently.
  • Plus, with each self-defence class, you’ll also get fitter and you’ll find that you have renewed confidence to handle any situation! So try out one of our classes today!