Self Defence for Beginners

Self Defence for Beginners

Self defence for beginners is great fun, a great way to improve fitness and flexibility, and to is of course a great way to learn self-defence skills.  For many though, the thought of self-defence or martial arts classes can be very daunting.  Not because it is especially difficult or scary, but because of misconceptions, self-doubts, or beginners putting too much pressure on themselves.

Although self defence for beginners should tell you, “hey, this is a beginner class, so there’s no pressure or expectation on me,” often people feel like they need to be super fit before starting (you don’t, most people come to class with no real level of fitness), be super flexible or able to do the splits (you don’t, most people aren’t used to stretching and are pretty tight), be able to learn or remember everything straight away (you don’t, it’s a skill, it takes time and we know that), or they’re too old (our oldest student is 74yrs old, so you’ll probably be ok!), or they’re too small, too round, too…. Although we’ve taught thousands of beginners self-defence in Brisbane over the past 30, we’re yet to find someone who couldn’t do it and didn’t have fun when they gave it a go.  Beginners self defence is for everyone, that includes you too.

Can I learn self defence for beginners quickly?  Or in a few classes?  Realistically, no.  You may have heard about or seen on the net, ‘short’ self defence for beginners courses, but the real question is, do they work?  Short self defence courses are typically a day, a weekend, or one night a week for six weeks.  Could you learn to play guitar well enough in a weekend to play, say, any song on request at someone’s birthday party?  In self-defence, an attacker can do anything, you could be grabbed in 10 ways or more from behind, 20 or more ways from in front, what if you get pushed to the ground and the attacker is standing, what if they’re on top of you on the ground, what if they have a knife, what if there are two of them… and don’t forget, attackers are usually bigger and stronger than you!  And before you can even begin to learn what to do in each individual situation, or even the most common situations, you need to learn the martial arts skills of how to move, block, strike, and do it hard enough to stop that bigger stronger attacker.  Is all that doable?  Yes.  Can beginners learn self defence?  Yes.  Can all that be learnt in a short course or a few classes?  Common sense tells you, no.  Beginners can learn self-defence, have fun doing it, get fitter, and meet lots of friendly people, it just takes a little time :).

More than just self defence

As well as teaching martial arts techniques that prevent personal harm, our beginner self defence and martial arts classes provide you with these valuable health and wellbeing benefits:

  • A fun and social group training environment
  • Improved general fitness and stamina
  • All-over body toning
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stress release
  • Better focus by combining physical and mental challenges
  • Improved general confidence


Why learn self defence with us

Classes for Everyone: No prior fitness level, flexibility or martial arts experience is required to learn self defence at Martial Arts Brisbane. You will progress, with professional encouragement, at a pace that’s right for you. Highly Qualified Trainers: Our instructors are highly qualified martial arts professionals.  Matted, air-conditioned facilities: Martial Arts Brisbane is a dedicated and air-conditioned martial arts studio, permanently set up for the sole purpose of teaching self defence. There’s no waiting for a hall to be prepared for your self defence class and there’s enough equipment for every student. Our rooms are fully matted for the comfort and safety of beginners and advanced students of any age. Onsite Gym: Our members enjoy use of our fully-equipped and air-conditioned onsite gym where they can exercise alone or with classmates. Take a workout before or after your self defence lesson, or visit us between session times and train in a familiar, social environment. So come and try a class for yourself today!