7 Plus Years

A fun After School activity for the Kids

If your child is 7 years or older then we have the perfect classes for them. Starting them in one of our Taekwondo classes is the first step on the journey that will help them throughout their whole lives. By doing our classes, you are helping your child to develop the focus, discipline and confidence that will continue to support them into the future. The best part of doing our Taekwondo classes is that it goes so much further than just teaching them self defence or bully defence techniques.

Self Defence Classes for your Child

Our Taekwondo school in Brisbane has a special system for the 7+ kids, with classes that are separated by experience level. We offer beginner classes for anyone who is new to Taekwondo and is ready to give it a go. For those of you who already have a bit of experience, we have both intermediate and advanced classes so there will always be an option for everyone. Our Taekwondo Instructors are highly experienced and always ready to teach students both new and old. Led by the only 9th Dan Grandmaster in Brisbane, the classes are always fun, interesting and motivating.