Self Defence Classes Brisbane

Women’s Self-defence Classes Brisbane

Although we teach self-defence classes for both men and women, over the last few years we became aware of the increasing desire for self-defence classes purely for women by women, so that is what we have established. What does this mean? Self-defence classes that provide a supportive environment for women to learn effective, real-life self defence skills all taught by experienced female Instructors.

What is women’s self-defence? 

Women’s self-defence classes Brisbane help enable you to be prepared should you ever find yourself in a position where you need to protect yourself. It is a sad reality that violence against women is a serious and widespread problem in Australia. Although we are sadly unable to change the staggering statistics, we are able to help arm our female students with the necessary knowledge and skills to help protect themselves should the worst happen.

What is involved in our classes?

Women’s self-defence classes Brisbane incorporate a range of effective and easy to learn techniques using a special form of Krav Maga known as Gendai Krav Maga. This style of the famous art of self-defence focuses on utilising the most realistic and effective techniques against the most common self-defence situations. This unique system was developed by our own Master Gav, Australasia’s most senior Krav Maga Instructor.

What will I learn? 

Women’s self-defence classes Brisbane teaches you the skills necessary so you can feel confident in dealing with any situation that may arise. Whether your attacker is stronger, attacks from behind, pins you to the ground or is armed, our classes deal with every possible real-life scenario and, just as importantly, how to avoid certain situations from escalating. Our aim is to help the women of Brisbane feel stronger, safer and be able to protect themselves if necessary. You will learn a variety of strikes, kicks, grappling techniques, ground defence and defence against weapons.

Other benefits of Women’s self-defence classes Brisbane

Mental preparation

Alongside learning how to effectively physically defend yourself at Women’s self-defence classes Brisbane, we also focus on ensuring our students are mentally prepared for challenging, high stress situations. This includes learning how to avoid situations before they occur, how to recognise threats early and how to de-escalate situations effectively. Having the mental presence and confidence to deal with challenging self-defence scenarios is often an overlooked area of women’s self-defence but we believe these skills along with knowing how to deal with the adrenal response is an integral part of self-defence training.


Our women’s self-defence classes will not only teach you the valuable skills required to protect yourself should the need arise but they also offer an unparalleled physical workout. Each class will utilise all the major muscle groups and regular training will help you lose unwanted body fat, improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness, increase your agility and flexibility, and improve your core strength.

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