Frequently Asked Questions Tae Kwon Do

Do i have to be fit to start?

Many people think that they need to get fit before they can start classes. In truth, the vast majority of people come here to get fit as one of their primary goals, ie you come here to get fit, you don’t need any prior fitness. We are all about getting lasting results, and that comes over time, so while we’re here to challenge and support you, it’s also about progressing at your own pace.

Am I too old?

It’s amazing how often we hear this question. The short answer is no! We’ve had members start in their 70s, so unless you’re in your 80s they’ve got you beat. Classes are generally split by age and experience level, and as we said above, it’s about progressing at your own pace, so age is definitely not a barrier. Many people start in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, so no matter what age you are, more likely than not you’ll find other people in the class your age.

Are there any girls in the classes?

Yes, every class varies, but on average classes are an even split between males and females.

Is my child too young?

We have children’s specific martial arts classes starting at three years old, so as long as they’re three, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Will my child stick with it?

BTC has a very sophisticated children’s martial arts program which was designed for kids from the ground up. Classes are split by age and experience level, we have belt promotions every term, and tape testing within the term. On the ground what all this adds up to are fun and motivating classes, with bite size goals and regular recognition and reward for effort along the way, which keeps classes interesting and children motivated.

Are martial arts for me?

Each person’s reason for joining, or background in physical activities varies. We have members who’ve never really been into exercise before, through to serious athletes. Something very cool about martial arts, is that they not only give you a physical workout, but also engage your mind. It’s interesting, social, fun, every class is a little different, no matter how long you’ve trained, there’s always something new. Overall we find that when people come down and try a class, they’re surprised how much fun it is, so the best thing we can suggest is giving us a call to find out which martial art is right for you, and giving it a try, no strings attached.

Which martial art would suit me best?

At BTC, we’re fortunate to be able to offer a variety of martial arts, which for you means we can recommend a martial art that suits your personality and goals the best, not just one specific martial art because that’s all we do. We love martial arts, so we want to find the best one for you so you’ll love it too.

What kind of people do martial arts?

There are many misconceptions in martial arts, one of the common being that people just do martial arts because they want to beat people up all the time. Whilst we can’t speak for every martial arts club, you can rest assured knowing that most of the people who are members at BTC want to get fit, have fun, socialise, and learn self-defence, but also have to go to work or school the next day. We have members from a variety of backgrounds, from managers to mum’s, plumbers to pilots, electricians to engineers, doctors, lawyers… you get the idea.

Is it dangerous?

In brief, there are risks in doing any physical activity, but the risk of training at BTC is generally low. A significant advantage to training in a full time professional martial arts centre is the facilities. As Queensland’s largest martial arts school, BTC is fortunate to have four safety matted and air conditioned training halls, and more equipment than we can count. Compare this to training on concrete or hardwood in the local school or church hall! The risk of injury is obviously significantly lower. It’s inevitable that on occasion you might slip over – would you rather land on a safety mat or concrete? Another key factor in safety is the instructors, usually martial arts are taught as a hobby for an hour or two a week, in the local hall. As a full-time martial arts centre, we have professional instructors, who of course have current first aide and blue cards, but also undertake regular instructor training, ie how to teach, and how to teach safely, and this combined with teaching many classes every week year round adds up to safer classes.

If you’re unsure whether something is safe or suitable for you or your child, ask us, and if you’re worried about your general health, a quick check with your GP is always wise

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