Daytime Classes for Martial Arts

Flexible Daytime Classes for Martial Arts

We understand that you might have shift work and can have trouble coming in at consistent times. BTC’s martial arts and fitness classes offer the ultimate flexibility in that you can mix and match your training days to fit in with your roster that week, for example if you do Taekwondo, one week you might come on a Tuesday and Thursday for our daytime classes, the next week on a Monday night and Saturday morning, and the week after on a Tuesday evening and Thursday day. You can chop and change the classes you attend as much as you like! You can also rest assured that you won’t miss out on anything in doing so. Our syllabus is designed so that the instructors know exactly what they have to cover each week, so no matter which class you come to, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

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Whether you’re into Taekwondo or BJJ, we cater for everyone from mum’s to managers, doctors, nurses, police and engineers, to personal trainers. From first timer with no fitness, to those with experience, you can improve your fitness, focus, flexibility, and learn practical self-defence in BTC’s fully matted and air conditioned studio’s. Call us today to arrange your first class.

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