Women’s Self Defence Classes
in Brisbane

Self Defence for Women

Our women’s self-defence classes, are self-defence by women, for women.  What does that mean?  These regular self defence classes are women’s only and taught by female instructors.  That of course doesn’t mean that they teach any less effective self defence techniques.  These classes teach our special form of Gendai Krav Maga, which is focussed on utilising the most realistic and effective techniques, against the most common self defence situations.  This unique system of self-defence was developed by Master Gav, who has 30 years of experience in self defence and martial arts, as well a PhD in Security Management, to give you simple, easy to learn and effective techniques that you can use to defend yourself, should the worst ever happen.

Just as importantly, our women’s self-defence classes help you to mentally prepare for these super difficult, high stress situations.  This ranges from learning how to avoid situations before they occur, recognise threats early, de-escalate potential self defence situations, and should you have no other option, how to effectively physically defend yourself against what is most likely to be a much bigger, stronger attacker, even if they have a weapon, or you find yourself out numbered, alone, or on the ground.  Having the confidence and mental presence to deal with these realities is an often overlooked part of women’s self-defence, but without it, and knowing how to deal with the adrenal response, all the physical skills in the world won’t help you.

What is Women’s Self Defence?

Attackers don’t care that you’re a woman, in fact, they may have specifically targeted you for that very reason.  Attackers don’t care about fair, that they’re bigger and stronger, that they have a weapon, or that there are two of them and one of you.  Women’s self-defence means dealing with any situation that comes up, whether they’re stronger, have a knife, there are two of them, you’ve been shoved to the ground… you can’t say to an attacker, wait, I’m not ready, or I can’t defend myself on the ground, or I don’t know what to do against a knife.  Equally, ‘kneeing them in the nuts’, will often, in real life, not work (think about it, all men were first little boys, and got hit ‘in the nuts’ as a little boy, and spent the rest of their lives trying to stop that happening).

Our self defence classes for women, are especially designed to teach you the skills that you need, so that with training, you can feel confident that you can deal with just about any situation, and just as importantly, how to avoid it going that far in the first place.  That means you’ll learn things like striking, kicking, grappling, ground defence, self defence against multiple attackers, and defence against weapons too (from knives to street weapons like broken bottles).

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