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Martial Arts Brisbane

Welcome to Martial Arts Brisbane

Martial Arts Brisbane is proud to be one of Brisbane’s premier martial art and self-defence training facilities. Our premises have been specifically designed for martial arts training, spanning over two floors with four large, safety matted and fully air-conditioned training rooms. Our coaches are highly trained and experienced and include Master Gav, Australasia’s most senior Krav Maga Instructor. 

Getting started

Martial arts have grown hugely in popularity over the last ten years thanks to MMA style competitions such as the UFC. However martial arts are so much more than what they appear to be and are a fantastic way to improve your fitness, confidence and relieve life’s stresses! At Martial Arts Brisbane we teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and Taekwondo, enabling our members to experience one or all of these specialised martial arts.

New to Martial Arts?

Whether you are completely new to martial arts or a seasoned pro looking for a new training facility, Martial Arts Brisbane has options for everyone. We can help those new to martial arts find their perfect fit whether that’s BJJ, Krav or Taekwondo. We have a range of beginners classes meaning no previous experience or fitness is necessary. We also offer options for experienced martial artists with advanced classes and even Krav Maga designed for the military and police. 

Class options

You are never too old or too young to start training in a martial art. Kids martial arts lessons are growing rapidly in popularity and are renowned for their ability to incorporate, fun, fitness, confidence and discipline in one activity. Martial Arts Brisbane Kids classes are available for children aged 3 and up. Our highly experienced Instructors have extensive experience teaching these age groups and ensure the classes are fun, friendly and interactive. Likewise don’t let your age put you off as an adult, one of our Taekwondo students started training at 72 years young!  Our Martial Arts Training provides benefits regardless of your age.

Free gym for members

An added bonus for our Martial Arts Brisbane members is free use of our fully equipped gym. It offers a wide range of strength training and cardiovascular equipment meaning all of your fitness needs are covered under one roof. Parents of child members can also use the gym for free too, so there is no excuse not to get the whole family fighting fit.


Training martial arts can bring so many benefits to all aspects of your life. From improving your fitness, building muscle, losing body fat and increasing flexibility to stress relief and improved self-confidence, come to Martial Arts Brisbane today and see for yourself!

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