MMA in Brisbane
Mixed Martial Arts

(Street Style)


MMA training for the street

MMA training for the street has one simple purpose, to teach a combination of street practical self-defence skills. In the street there are no rules and no referees. Surviving the streets is completely different, even to sports MMA.  In the real world, it’s not always fair, there are no weight divisions, attackers don’t wait for you to be ready, they attack from behind, use weapons, or a group will attack a single person.  Traditional sport MMA just doesn’t consider these real world scenarios.  Street MMA training was developed to give students the skills they need to defend themselves in these situation and just about anything else you might come across on the streets of Brisbane.  The techniques taught were developed by Master Gav over the past 30 years and tested on deployment in some of the most dangerous streets in the world – fortunately that’s not Brisbane, but for you it means you’re learning what works, no matter how tough the situation. Street MMA or Gendai Krav Maga was devised to be the most modern, advanced, and practical form of Krav Maga.  Master Gav now teaches this to Police and military, including Queensland Police Counter Terrorism Command because it is such an effective system. With our MMA training you’ll learn one of the most powerful and effective self-defence systems covering punching, striking, kicking, wrestling, clinch work, and groundwork. You’ll also learn how to defend against much larger attackers, extremely aggressive people, multiple attackers, knives, guns, and other street weapons.

Our MMA training is split by experience level, so whether you’re a total newbie to self-defence and martial arts, have years of experience doing martial arts classes, or are a professional working in security, police, or defence who wants to hone your skills, you will not find better MMA in Brisbane, that is, serious, street practical, no bs training (yes we have fun and a laugh too 😉 )

MMA Brisbane – Australia’s most senior instructor

MMA in Brisbane is super popular and there are no shortages of ‘expert’ trainers, well at least in sport MMA, but we reckon when it comes to self-defence and street realistic MMA training, Master Gav is Brisbane’s best kept secret (don’t tell anyone ;).  Big claim!  Dr Gavriel Schneider is a 7th Dan Black Belt in Street MMA / Gendai Krav Maga, making him Brisbane and Australia’s most Senior Instructor, 6th Dan in Jiu Jitsu, 6th Dan in Ninjitsu, 6th Dan in Karate, and has black belts in Taekwondo, BJJ and Muay Thai.  On top of his decades of martial arts training, Master Gav has his PhD in Security Risk Management, has been a Presidential bodyguard, and trainer to army and special forces units around the world. Master Gav has also been a full contact fighting champion and is recognised in the Israeli Museum of Martial Arts History and South African Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  As you can see, Master Gav really is a true self defence and martial arts expert, who, no matter what your experience, can help you take your training to the next level.

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