Private Martial
Arts Lessons

BTC’s Private Martial Arts Lessons

Getting started with your Martial arts journey, trying to get down that challenging technique or maybe you just need a some more focussed training? Perhaps you just need some more flexibility with your class scheduling? BTC offers private lessons in martial arts (Taekwondo, Krav Maga, BJJ) and Pilates, morning or night, and on the weekend, so you can set your martial arts class for a time that suits you.

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You can learn any combination of martial arts techniques, from kicks and punches to self defence to grappling or even all of them together! You decide! Get fit, toned, strong, and hone your technique. Your private martial arts lessons can be held at BTC in our matted and air conditioned studios. Call BTC today and book in for your first one on one martial arts class.

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