Self Defence Training Near Me

Self Defence Training Near Me

Looking for self defence training near you? Martial Arts Brisbane offers over 100 self-defence training and martial arts classes in Brisbane each week, all in our fully matted and air-conditioned training halls. Our full-time self defence training studio is Brisbane’s largest and services the Brisbane suburbs of Kelvin Grove, Newmarket, Paddington, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Windsor, Wilson, Wooloowin, Alderley, Enoggera, Stafford, Stafford Heights, Brisbane CBD, Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley, West End, South Bank, Milton, Auchenflower, Toowong, Taringa, Everton Park, Mitchelton, Chermside and more…

Self defence training is a great way to not only learn self-defence, but to get fit, improve flexibility, build confidence & focus, have fun and get social as well. Classes are split by age and experience level, starting from 3 years old through to 75 years young. We also have special beginners programs to help you get started, or if you’re already experienced, you can no doubt learn plenty from Australia’s most senior Krav Maga Master, and Queensland’s only 9th Dan Taekwondo Grandmaster.

We offer self defence training in the self defence martial arts of Krav Maga, Self-Defence Taekwondo, BJJ, and women’s only Krav Maga classes. A common question is, are all martial arts self-defence? No, some martial arts are very much sports, and aren’t particularly practical for self-defence. That can also be the case within a style of martial art eg we teach a very modern self-defence based version of Taekwondo which includes techniques from boxing, hapkido, bjj, kung-fu and karate (in comparison, some schools focus completely on competition and are therefore not good for self-defence training).

More than just self defence training

As well as teaching martial arts techniques that prevent personal harm, our self defence training and martial arts classes provide you with these valuable health and wellbeing benefits:

  • A fun and social group training environment
  • Improved general fitness and stamina
  • All-over body toning
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stress release
  • Better focus by combining physical and mental challenges
  • Improved general confidence


Why do self defence training with us

Classes for Everyone: No prior fitness level, flexibility or martial arts experience is required to learn self defence at Martial Arts Brisbane. You will progress, with professional encouragement, at a pace that’s right for you. Highly Qualified Trainers: Our instructors are highly qualified martial arts professionals.  Matted, air-conditioned facilities: Martial Arts Brisbane is a dedicated and air-conditioned martial arts studio, permanently set up for the sole purpose of teaching self defence. There’s no waiting for a hall to be prepared for your self defence class and there’s enough equipment for every student. Our rooms are fully matted for the comfort and safety of beginners and advanced students of any age. Onsite Gym: Our members enjoy use of our fully-equipped and air-conditioned onsite gym where they can exercise alone or with classmates. Take a workout before or after your self defence lesson, or visit us between session times and train in a familiar, social environment. So come and try a class for yourself today!